Whether your needs on the Global Markets are Operational, Financial, Risk-related, or all of the above, we have you covered

Group 135 (1)

Corporate Finance

  • Buy-side assistance
  • Sell-side assistance
  • Trade Finance assistance
Group 136 (1)

Credit Insurance

We have developed an extensive expertise in negotiating, maintaining, and managing credit insurance policies and the associated claim process over the course of 30+ years of using such policies for our own needs. We are not a broker and can therefore provide you with completely unbiased consulting services with regards to your credit insurance needs.

Group 137


Looking to expand globally but you lack the internal capabilities to manage the import-export process? Trust our team of experts to make this process as easy as possible while minimizing the associated risks. Whether you’re looking for one- time consulting or full business process outsourcing, we have the solution for you.

Group 138

Due Diligence, KYC, & Risk Evaluation

You want to start doing business with a new supplier or buyer abroad, but you lack the expertise to conduct adequate due diligence?
Trust our proven process to identify potential red flags and allow you to deal with peace of mind. Our process includes in-house financial and credit analysis using both proprietary tools and models developed by rating agencies, background checks, and validations with local credit agencies.