Offering a unique diversification opportunity through alternative investment products with exposure to emerging markets

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Unlocking Capital for the World

Having been involved on emerging markets for over three decades, Copap recognizes the challenges small and medium enterprises in emerging markets have in accessing capital solutions. Underdeveloped local financial infrastructures, a lack of expertise and dynamism by conventional international players, and a misunderstanding of such markets prevent world-class businesses from competing on equal footings on Global Markets.

Copap Capital is committed to generating win-win-win relationships by connecting investors in developed regions who are struggling to find attractive opportunities with the most promising businesses in emerging markets seeking capital to support their growth trajectory.

Trade Capital

Our Trade Capital investment product allows you to gain a revolving short-term exposure on high-yield accounts. The privileged relationships we have with our clients, our high-touch approach, and our profound understanding of the markets in which we are active allowed us to maintain exceptionally low default rates throughout our history, thus generating attractive Alpha.

The underlying Trade Receivables stem from two origination sources:

  • The Receivables generated by our own trading operations;
  • The Receivables from our Trade Finance solution.

Both are subject to the same rigorous underwriting and risk
management process.

We also offer the possibility to modulate exposure between insured and uninsured tranches, permitting to tailor your risk-return profile to your specific needs.

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Global Private Equity

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of emerging markets and global trade, as well as our international origination strength, and our internal risk management capabilities, we aim to provide long-term capital to the most promising enterprises in our network.
Our investment strategy is centered around specific cases where we can bring value due to the complexity of the supply chains and the geographies involved, and where the business needs have outgrown our Trade Finance solution.