Whether your needs on the Global Markets are Operational, Financial, Risk-related, or all of the above, we have you covered

Group 145

Trade Finance

  • Trade across borders more freely and flexibly with your all-in-one partner for trade finance, foreign exchange, and capital needs.
  • With customized end-to-end financing solutions and world-class customer service, we’ll help you unlock global trading opportunities by managing risk and ensuring your trades are done securely and easily. At Ossiano Capital, we pride ourselves on seeing the potential, not just the risk, behind every business opportunity.
  • Where traditional supply chain financing presents obstacles to mid- market companies, we remove the barriers to help you grow your cross-border markets. From imports and exports to intercompany sales, we’ll help you find a way forward.

Permanent Capital

  • Copap Capital blurs the line between financial and strategic partner by providing patient capital and strategic support in your Global expansion projects. We bring to the table our 30+ years or commercial and financial expertise in emerging and mature market.
  • We seek to take minority stakes in businesses of all life stages, with a proven value proposition and a plan to expand globally.
  • If you are looking to sell a majority stake, we can help you find the right partner through our extensive global network of companies operating across various industries, and through our network of partner firms.
Group 146