Whether your needs on the Global Markets are Operational, Financial, Risk-related, or all of the above, we have you covered

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Here, we adapt with agility to rapidly changing markets and supply chains, ensuring resilient, seamless collaboration and trades.

  • A hub connecting sellers and buyers, allowing us to move products and build resilient marketplaces.
  • A strong marketing intelligence network, with the depth of expertise to analyse market conditions and predict trends.
  • Strategic guidance that enables production on demand and ensures supply sourcing diversification.
  • End-to-end global solutions across the value chain, enabling our partners to buy or sell by managing risk and ensuring timely and secure transaction settlements.
  • We are a people-first company leveraging technology to provide advanced solutions in an increasingly complex world.

Specialty Trading

Copap can help you source or distribute Forest Products and Resins throughout the World. We have an extensive network of suppliers and buyers across four continents built over 30+ years.

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Forest Products

Newsprint, Uncoated Woodfree, Coated Woodfree 1 side or 2 sides, Writing papers, Communication papers, Graphic papers.

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General Trading

At Copap, we enable businesses to increase sales and purchasing power by providing flexible credit limits and by allowing sellers to externalize their credit risk. Our payment terms are tailored to match clients' cash conversion cycles, allowing to solve financial needs in a seamless way. Furthermore, we drive operational efficiency through reduced credit approval delays, optimization of tax considerations in a global context, and through increased negotiating power with suppliers. With Copap, you get a comprehensive solution that enables you to focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

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